Single Occupation

Suitable for guys who consider privacy as the preference for choosing the rooms, all the amenities by your side for yourself, enjoy the indulgence with only 11500 rupees

Double sharing occupation

Well you know what they say, two is a company, two guys sharing the room and all the facilities, its going to cost you 7500 rupees per person

Triple sharing occupation

If you are looking for a budget stay and still want to enjoy all the facilities, this is a prime option for you to choose. Its going to be light on your pocket, only 6000 rupees per person

boys pg near cognizant

All the facilites under one roof

Once you enter the house, you are given the keys to your room as well as your own separate wardrobe/almirah. You can enjoy the LED TV in your room, with every room fitted with DishTV and the recharge is on us, so don't worry. Whenever you feel the need to connect yourself with the crazy world of Internet, we got you; unlimited free WiFi! Good enough? Not so soon, we have got more, AC/Cooler, Geyser, Washing Machine, Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, everything on the house, for FREE

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